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Homeowners and Liability Insurance

If you own your home, homeowners insurance covers your investment and your personal liability at and (unless you’re with Citizens Insurance) away from your premises. Renters and condo owners buy it to insure their stuff and their personal liability, too. No one expects an accident but they do happen and they can get expensive.

Considering what it protects, your homeowners insurance policy is too important to choose because it’s cheap. You aren’t buying a premium. You are buying a backup against ruinous loss. Take a closer look at that quote. Does it significantly low-ball the value of your home and its contents? Would that policy pay to replace everything, if you lost it all, or are you in jeopardy of a coinsurance penalty? Did you check the deductibles? Can you really afford that number?


Do you understand the A-B-Cs on that homeowners insurance quote? Coverage A, for example, represents the insured value of your dwelling. A good agent will be extra careful to get this number right because Coverage A represents the cost of rebuilding your home after its accidental destruction. Coverage A also helps set the value of "Coverage C," which represents the total insured value of your personal property, such as furniture and home electronics.

No one buys insurance knowing it won’t cover their losses. Unfortunately, people do buy insurance not knowing it won’t cover their losses. Don't be one of them. If you're in the market for Florida homeowners insurance, or just want a second opinion of your current policy, please call Beacon Insurance Partners at 813-343-0076 or click here to contact.