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Welcome to the latest installment in our sporadic series on the ABCs of Florida homeowners insurance.

For your insurable pleasure we present Coverage B: Other Structures.

If you own a fence, a gazebo, a guest house, a detached porch, pool and garage, you own a lot of valuable property defined as “other structures,” which might be woefully underinsured by your Florida homeowners insurance policy.

That’s because most Florida homeowners insurance policies default Coverage B to a limit of 10 percent of Coverage A. You might recall from the first post in this series that Coverage A represents the replacement-cost value of your dwelling.

What qualifies as an other structure to Florida insurance companies? Generally speaking, anything that stands apart and detached from your dwelling. But the concept of “apart and detached” might not always mean what you would expect.

For example, a pool is most commonly insured as part of a dwelling (in other words, attached) where it’s surrounded by a deck connected to the house.

Depending on what you own and how your property lays out, 10 percent of Coverage A might be more than plenty to insure the value of your other structures or nowhere near close enough. This is a question to ask a licensed Florida insurance agent before you bind a homeowners insurance policy in Florida.

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