The greatest risk you don’t admit

Your company’s greatest risk of loss might not be what you think it is. For business insurance you might think first of property, flood, general liability or even workers comp insurance. The mix varies depending on the industry but, regardless of the nature of its operations, virtually every company faces substantial cyber risk. We don’t… Continue Reading

Don’t own commercial autos? You still need auto insurance.

You say your company owns no vehicles. Therefore, your company requires no commercial auto insurance. Sorry, but it’s not that easy. Have you heard of Hired/Non-Owned Auto insurance? Hired/Non-Owned Auto insurance is commonly found on commercial general liability insurance policies for small businesses in Florida. If your company’s employees and contractors (yes, 1099s) drive their… Continue Reading

The good news is they can’t spy on you when the grid is down

For those of us who maxed out their crapacity for dismal news earlier than usual this week, we share this ray of hope. We now return you to your regularly scheduled anxiety. Someone is working on that, right? I mean, that’s being fixed … so it won’t happen, again … right? Here’s another question. Can you… Continue Reading

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